Condition Monitoring

Through our extensive experience within the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and specifically equipment maintenance, the importance of a regular monitoring of plant and machinery operation cannot be overstressed.

Response Engineering Solutions are able to provide both oil analysis and thermal imaging survey reports for the equipment that you operate to allow you to monitor the condition of the critical components and allow you to make informed decisions regarding maintenance requirements , operational problems and plant performance.

Oil Analysis

Through our oil analysis we test for moisture, changes in viscosity, contaminations and particulates indicating wear of the internal components.

From these tests we can then provide a detailed report which provides a snapshot of the gearbox / drive‘s internal condition.

The regular analysis of lubrication oils on your critical plant items allows a trend history to be developed which in turn allows you to make informed maintenance and operational decisions.

Thermal Imaging Survey

Through our Thermal Imaging surveys and follow up reports we are able to provide you a quick, cost effective and specifically a non-intrusive method of assessing the operation of such components as bearing operations, insulation effectiveness and possible electrical faults which can all be detected due to the heat signature produced by unseen faults.


These analysis solutions can help to provide the following:

  • Increased Plant Availability & Output Capability
  • Improve Planning of Preventative Maintenance
  • Improved Control of Spares
  • Improved Awareness of Plant Condition
  • Allow for Engineering Improvements to be Developed
condition monitoring
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